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Families or individuals moving to Toronto may be at something of a loss when it comes to searching for properties that meet their needs because of the astounding variety of styles and neighborhoods. Toronto properties include single dwelling homes, town homes, and luxurious estates in a variety of established or up and coming neighborhoods. Simply paring the list down enough that you can take tours of more than half of them can be a daunting task. To help you out, we've posted this article on some of the more popular neighborhoods in Toronto and the homes you will find within.


Riverdale is a neighborhood just on the other side of the Don Valley Parkway from downtown. You might consider buying a Riverdale, Toronto house for sale if you work downtown or if you're interested in living near some of the city's largest parks. Houses in this neighborhood have yards, albeit they are mostly small ones. Many of the homes here were built in the 1880s so the most prominent architectural styles are Victorian and Edwardian. Most of the streets are tree-lined. Having entered something of a downturn in the 1970s and come back up again, this neighborhood has homes catering to a variety of income brackets.

High Park

High Park is a neighborhood west of downtown above Toronto's largest park, which has the same name. High Park real estate consists mainly of semi-detached row houses built of brick in the early 1900s. There are very few detached houses here and almost no yards, though the nearness of High Park makes up for that to some degree. Much of the northern part of the neighborhood was lost in the 1960s when developers leveled the old housing in favor of high-rise apartments, but in the 1970s residents managed to save the rest of the neighborhood so now you can buy here without worrying about your view being blocked by a condo tower.

Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park is a neighborhood in northeast Toronto near Sunnybrook Park. Since it's one of the most affluent neighborhoods in all of Canada, you should only consider looking if your income is $200,000+. This neighborhood is a green and beautiful one if you can afford it. It was one of the first garden suburbs built after World War II. The houses are medium sized and built in the English Cottage, Georgian, Colonial, and Tudor styles. They feature deep, narrow lots with plenty of room for flower beds.


Leslieville is located just north of the industrialized area along Lakeshore Boulevard. Leslieville homes were built in the 1850s to house the workers in the nearby factories. Today the workers are gone but the houses remain, some of which are in repair but many of which could use fixing up. This neighborhood appeals to the middle class and artists, who don't mind putting a little extra work into their homes if it means they can afford living near downtown. The neighborhood is improving but there are still areas in which you should be careful.

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