Sustainability In Toronto

For decades now, people have been worried about whether or not downtown Toronto living will be sustainable. Not only has there been a concern about the environmental problems posed by having a city as huge as Toronto right at the heart of one of the most important ecological systems on the planet, there are also concerns that living in the city could get too crowded, with too many people vying for residential and commercial space.

Fortunately, city planners for Toronto have also seen these problems coming, and for many years have been working to counter-act the effects of a burgeoning population which shows no signs of slowing down. One of the earliest efforts to ensure the long term sustainability of Toronto as far as quality of living was the planned community, which could almost be said to be an Ontario idea as the province was one of the first places in North America to usher in this type of community.

In Ontario, of course, the planned community is best exemplified in Erin Mills, established in 1968. This community is the largest in Mississauga, and there have been specific places designated for living areas, shopping areas, and places to conduct SR&ED from its creation onward. The fact that it has been planned since its inception means it has kept to its original borders, and that the different zones have stayed intact. People don't have to worry that a new shopping mall will interrupt the traffic flow to and from their home, because that was thought of by architects and engineers decades ago and has been planned around.

In Toronto, neighbourhoods such as Rosedale could be said to be planned communities, although not to the extent of Erin Mills. Here, the mansions equipped with the latest in instant water heater design and other green additions have been standing since the beginning of the 20th century. It's a gated community which has always been preserved for the upper echelons of Toronto society, a sort of higher sustainability in its own right.

You can learn more about what a planned community is right here.

The city itself makes constant efforts to ensure that the population always enjoys the best services possible. Sewage pumps and other pieces of equipment vital to the functions of the city's citizens are well maintained and updated regularly to handle the volume that the city provides. New innovations are constantly being looked at in order to see how these systems can work in a more integrated fashion with the environment.

Finally, there is the great public transportation system which serves not only the residents of TO, but the entire Greater Toronto Area. Buses, subways, the GO Train, and other options serve the large population. They help to cut down on traffic as well as on greenhouse gas emissions, thus continuing the city's commitment to sustainability on all levels.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021