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Need to find out when the next hockey tournament will be held? Curious about the state of the war overseas? Looking for a job? Just want to unwind in front of a funny show? Whatever your reason for turning to Toronto's media outlets, you're sure to find what you're looking for. As the largest media market in the country, Toronto has more newspapers and TV stations than anywhere else in Canada. This means that newspapers or TV stations that are "national" to the rest of Canada are "local" for you. Here are some of the more well know media outlets in the city.


National newspapers based in Toronto like the Globe and Mail and the National Post are where you'll find broad ranging news and interest stories from people like financial expert Dennis Gartman. However if you really want to tune in to the local Toronto news, you'll want the Toronto Star or the Toronto Sun. There are also two competing free daily papers, 24 and Metro, newspapers in Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, and Punjab, alternative arts scene dailies, and eight student-run papers from universities like Ryerson and the University of Toronto.


There are dozens upon dozens of radio stations broadcasting from Toronto - so many that you'd expect the airwaves to be clogged with ads on how to get a deal on a mortgage. Toronto, Canada's stations broadcast in both AM and FM, and some are public access. The more well known include the government run CBC Radio One, the KISS 92.5 contemporary rock station, and Q107 classic rock, but there are stations in French, Spanish, multiple languages, and aboriginal languages as well.


There are sixteen television stations based in the city of Toronto. They range from well funded top of the line private stations that have parties served by the best Toronto catering companies to struggling non-English public access channels. The "A" network is based out of an office in Barrie, the CBC has their main feed coming from Toronto, and CityTV began here. Toronto is also home to the headquarters of CTV and cable networks like MuchMusic and Space.


There are too many internet news sites and blogs based out of Toronto to name them all. Search engine optimization in Toronto determines the order they're listed when you Google the subject, but here are some of the more well known local blogs. There's the website Toronto NewsFIX, T.O. Blog and the Torontoist, as well as the more interest specific blogs, like Transit Toronto, which deals with public transit, and Spotlight Toronto, which handles the arts. This is a form of media you personally can contribute to by commenting on stories or starting your own blog.

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