Greater Toronto Area

Living in downtown Toronto is not for those who require solitude. Being the largest city in Canada, its fast paced, busy, and lively nature make it a fantastic city to shop, sightsee, and have fun in, but it may not be the ideal place to live for a lot of individuals. Some people want a more quiet and relaxing environment to settle down in, but still want to be close to a large city. If the hustle and bustle of Toronto is not for you, then maybe you should think about settling down in one of its surrounding areas.

If you are looking to buy a home in the greater Toronto area, you should check out some nearby condos. Markham is another large town in Canada and is located just north of Toronto. Markham's population is roughly three hundred thousand and is very culturally and religiously diverse. The town also has a large number of great suburban divisions that would be a perfect place to settle down with a family.

If you just sold your home and want to relocate to a heavily populous city, but want to stay clear of Toronto, Mississauga would be a great place to consider. Mississauga is the nation's sixth most populous city, with a population of roughly seven hundred thousand people. Mississauga is home to one of the largest financial districts in Canada; having many Fortune 500 companies have their Canadian headquarters in the city. It would also be a great place to consider living if you are looking to sell your Oakville property or Pickering apartment and start a great career.

If you are looking for a younger city to live in, maybe you should check out Brampton. Its population is roughly five hundred thousand people and its median age is thirty three. If you have a green thumb Brampton would be great for you because the city was once called the flowertown of Canada because of its booming greenhouse industry. If you are looking at homes be sure to check out Bramalea as well, a neighboring community.

Kitchener is located roughly one hour west of Toronto and we could an ideal place to live if you like a quaint community with a scenic environment. Its population is roughly three hundred thousand people and it's adjacent to both Waterloo and Cambridge. Kitchener is also home to Victoria Park, located in the heart of downtown. There is also a newly constructed, well kept bike park in Kitchener, with many different tracks and courses.

Whether you are a business owner looking for somewhere to start and raise a family or a recent college graduate looking to start a career, the surrounding areas of Toronto have a lot to offer. You can enjoy the comfort of a quiet neighborhood while still being within an hour to the largest city in Canada. It's like having the best of both worlds!

Victoria Park in Kitchener

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021