You might be at a point in your life where downtown living does not necessarily mean you have moved in order to be closer to work. Maybe you have retired (a lot of retired people are relocating to Toronto and its downtown core particularly), or maybe you work from home.

For the rest of us, though, part of the convenience of living at the heart of the city is that we are a lot closer to hundreds of different job opportunities. The city is so huge, there is literally a job available no matter what type of work you are interested in. Let's take a look at some of the most important markets in the city.


A city of over two million people, serving an area with well over five, means that you will find dozens of employment options if you are interested in the communication sector. We are talking everything from broadcasting to working for a division of a private firm here.

There is no end to the different types of broadcasting you can find in Toronto. Maybe you have always wanted to take a shot at being an alternative radio host. Well, you can pick from several Toronto stations, both big and small, that specialize in this type of programming. Classical, R&B, and virtually every other type of station is available to those interested (and that includes multiple choices in the language department as well).

As far as communications departments within specific companies, again, the sky is the limit for those who can do this job effectively. You can find a marketing firm, which will engage you in everything from technical and legal explanations to web site production. From the banks in the financial district to high tech firms on King Street, everyone is looking for effective new additions to their communications teams!

Specialty services

We touched on this idea briefly above, but the fact that Toronto is a very multi-cultural city bears expanding upon. Thousands of people from several different nationalities make the city their home, and that means for those who are fluent in a few different languages, the opportunities are endless. Assist people from your own cultural background when they are looking for work in the city through a foreign workers Canada program. Jobs with police detachments abound for those who can converse in English, Chinese, French, Hindi, and so on.

The more diverse your area of the city, the more likely your language skills can be leveraged to find you a great job. Don't neglect that natural gift you have!

Blue collar

Can you imagine the infrastructure needed to support a city the size of Toronto? It's great news for those who prefer to work with their hands. You might operate your own installation company, complete with tools and miles of cable. You may have completed four years of training to receive your plumbing certificate, or maybe you are just interested in working at a local car factory. Whatever your blue collar choice, there will be options suit you!

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