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Toronto has a lot of wonderful areas within its city to suit any needs you may have. This location is prime for any condo agents to work in, as its highlights are endless! If you're feeling like doing some high end shopping, Yorkville is the place to be. Wanting to relax by the waterside? Why not go down to the beaches area? And of course, if you're looking for some amazing authentic Asian cuisine, Chinatown is always there for you. But it doesn't stop there. There are more areas within the city to enjoy, plus lots of great areas surrounding Toronto to visit or live in as well.

Living in the GTA has proven to be a great choice for many families. They get big city living right next door to a family-oriented neighbourhood. There are lots of styles of homes to choose from, including duplexes or detached homes. Other communities in the GTA have their own sense of identity, and a lot of people love that they can work close to home and still send their kids to whatever Toronto school they would like.

On the other side of the map, there are lovely areas closer to downtown. Those that are lucky enough have found homes within the Leaside or Parkdale. There are great schools and other amenities close by. But this area isn't for families only. Lots of people leading all different kinds of lives are happy to call Leaside or Parkdale home.

Just South of Leaside, you will find Leslieville. Leslieville is said to be the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Toronto. There are charming homes for people that like to be close to where the action is. There are lots of restaurants in this area, so be ready to try lots of great food! The nightlife is vibrant, and the clubs aren't far away.

Speaking of clubs, if that is your thing, have you ever considered King West? King West is a really fun place to be. There are lots of small bars and clubs to go to, or big ones too if you want to go all out on the weekends. From great live music to awesome dancing, the entertainment never seems to stop.

Toronto (and area) is also well known as a shopping mecca. Yorkville has some fabulous high-end unique shops, but the more amazing finds are to the north in Vaughan, where you can spend the whole day at the fabulous Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, or visit wonderful little boutiques like Shaye Collezioni.

Finally, last but certainly not least, there is downtown Toronto. There, you can find everything from a fine French restaurant to a great pizza joint, whatever suits your style! Living in Toronto ensures that you really have it all, right at your front door. For some people though, just being close enough to work and play in the downtown core is enough. There are great businesses to work with, and always a fun shopping experience to be had at the Eaton Centre.

Toronto has a lot of great qualities. It's multiculturalism, lots of different kinds of food, and many great neighbourhoods to explore. It's fun to live in or visit a city that has so many different areas to spend time in. From the descriptions above, there are obviously lots of places to check out.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021